Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sights of India

So I would have posted this on Monday, but our internet went out and has been down for over 2 days! Crazy huh. So here's this random post. Enjoy!

I see a lot of random stuff in India, and I thought I'd share some of those with you. Granted the first one isn't random. It's my foot. There is a lot of henna in India, and it's fun to do. One of the volunteers who's here right now, Holly, is an artist, and she did this awesome henna on my foot. This was done awhile ago, and its still on my foot. Isn't it beautiful!
At RSO there are lots of different trees, we have a mango grove and lots of coconut trees, so while walking around campus it's not surprising to walk past a large pile of coconuts.
The kids play on this playground whenever they have free time, but apparently they also use it as as a clothes drying rack.
So the awful driving is well known in India, and honestly its not as bad as I was expecting, but there are still a lot of crazy things that happen on the road. One thing that's really interesting though is the buses. They are so colorful and usually have random things written on them. I'll try to find more pictures of the random things I see when we're driving.
Here's another example. You'll see a lot of random things being hauled down the road: cows, for example.
Also, there are lots of things in disrepair.
In Pondicherry, bikes are apparently a common form of transportation.
And there are also very scary looking mannequins.
There are plenty of street vendors and there set up usually looks something like this.
And it is not uncommon to see shrines anywhere and everywhere.

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