Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Let the countdown begin

I officially no longer live in Chicago. I had a wonderful last weekend in Chicago though with the opportunity to say goodbye to many dear friends. I'm going to miss that city a lot despite its ridiculously cold and brutal winters. It has a way of wrestling its way into your heart, especially after a summer when its been so beautiful. Chicago will always be a part of me.

Part of leaving Chicago was throwing a going away party/fundraiser. I'm so grateful to Wendy for letting me use her home for that party. The party was a succes in both respects. It enjoyed having the opportunity to say goodbye to so many people all at once (is enjoyed the right term there--I don't know if anyone enjoys saying goodbye), and the fundraising is moving along quite well. The party brought is about $600+, and I'm dollars away from reaching $2000. $1000 before I reach my goal! I'm so grateful to everyone who has contributed so far. I feel so supported. I didn't anticipate the outpouring of love that I've received from so many people. THANK YOU!

Now that I'm in Atlanta, I feel like reality is really starting to hit me. I'm leaving for India a week from Friday! And I won't be back in the states again until mid-December. It's time to start thinking details, and I'm realizing how many questions I still have like: How much luggage should I really be bringing? What does it mean when they say I should bring food that I can prepare in the volunteer kitchen? What are the best kind of shoes to wear in India? What am I going to wear to teach dance/go into the colonies/travel around the country? So many questions.... I better starting finding some answers......Any advice from anyone out there on what I should pack/not pack?

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