Monday, October 17, 2011

A glimpse into Rising Star

I took a few pictures today around the campus. Welcome to the Perry School of Rising star. I will be team teaching some dance classes with Anne (the Promethean Spark volunteer who's been here for the last six weeks) on the top floor of this school, right above the sign. It's an open air space, which is nice.

Here's a more complete view of the school. Beautiful isn't it.

This building is the dinning hall. I ate there for the first time today. Dance classes are also taught in this space. It's got a great view over the mango grove.

Here's a closer view.

Welcome to the Green house. Can you guess where it got its name? I will be living here for the next two months with Anne and two of the other long term volunteers (Rebecca and Kenady). The accommodations are pretty great.

Our closest neighbor is Lola the lamb. She is a nosy neighbor who likes to rattle her cage at the crack of dawn.

I'm still adjusting to the time change. I woke up super early this morning and couldn't fall back to sleep. Hopefully in the next day or two I'll be more on schedule.

This morning Anne and I spent the morning discussing the Promethean Spark methodology and dancing together. She and I have a lot in common even though our backgrounds are so different. I'm so thrilled to be working with her. I think we each have something different to offer. It's going to be really wonderful.

Anyway, it's been a good day so far, and I can't wait to keep experiencing new things.


  1. oh my goodness!!!! i want to live in the green house!!! that is absolutely adorable!

  2. Hey, if you ever do a post about the gross bugs and insects i'm sure you will come across, can you properly warn me so that I don't accidentally look at the pictures or read about them? Thanks.

  3. i'm back again. my mom and i were talking about this post earlier today and we think it looks like you're living in a resort. seriously.

    and what myriah said... i second that.