Saturday, September 10, 2011

Let this new journey begin!

Welcome to my new blog. Here I will be sharing the wonders of my experience as I travel to India to teach life skills through dance to children affected by leprosy. I'm so excited for this opportunity to share with the world the healing power of dance. Promethean Spark has developed an amazing methodology that is making a difference the world over. I can't wait to be a part of this wonderful work. In the coming weeks, as I prepare to leave, I will be sharing more about Promethean Spark, Rising Star (our parent organization in India) and my experiences as I prepare for my journey. Please share this blog with your friends, and make a donation if you can. To learn more about the donation process go to my fundraising page. Also, you can make a donation by clicking on the "donations" link on the right side of this page. I look forward to sharing more about this amazing organization and all the wonderful things I will be experiencing.


  1. This sounds so wonderful! A great opportunity to help others and expand yourself at the same time. It'll be an adventure for sure. I'll definitely be following along :)

  2. If I read this blog, what are the chances of catching leprosy? Am I at risk?