Thursday, September 15, 2011

Feeling Needed

I love to plan. I like knowing whats coming. That's traditionally how I operate. When I decided to go to India..... I didn't have a plan. I kind of just decided to go for it. In the last week or 2 I was starting to make my plan though.... I begin to expect what was coming next. I could even visualize some of the experiences that were coming, and then in a matter of days it has evolved into something different. I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be experiencing this quite a lot as I prepare for India. As I learned from Dani (a woman who works for Rising Star that I spoke to on the phone today, "expect the unexpected, and you'll fall in love with India."

With that said, no worries! I'm still going to India and I'm still teaching life skills through dance with Promethean Spark. It hasn't changed all that much but there are a few changes. It looks like I'm now going for two months instead of one! (No that doesn't mean I have to raise twice as much money, still aiming for *just $3000. Thank goodness!) ---Don't forget to visit my fundraising site :) --- So in addition to staying a month longer than originally planned, I will also be helping a lot more with the whole curriculum at the school instead of just the dance classes. I hope to help incorporate the Promethean Spark methodology and more creative art concepts into their more traditional classes like english, math and history. I will be collaborating more with the principal of the school, Celina, and not just with Ann (dance master currently running dance classes in India). I think it will be a great opportunity, and I'm looking forward to making a unique and positive contribution to the work going on at the school right now. So needless to say, details are still be worked out, and this information may continue to develop in the coming days, but for better or for worse, I'm going to India, and I can't wait to make a difference.

In other news, I got my last vaccination today! No more needle pricks for me. I also bought my plane ticket to Philly, where I will be trained by Shaun (president of promethean spark). He's been wonderful to work with so far, and it's going to be an amazing opportunity to learn the methodology from the founder and creator of promethean spark. I can't wait to learn from him and share ideas for my work at the school. I'm getting closer.....

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