Saturday, December 3, 2011

Medical Team

Fridays are my favorite day of the week here, because I get to go out to the colonies with the medical team. First of all, the medical team consists of some of the coolest people at rising star. It's great to get off campus, see more of India, get to know the staff better, and go on little adventures. Plus, working with the patients is always so wonderful. So let me introduce you to everyone..... Here's the most of the team. The nurses rotate from week to week because one or two of them need to stay at the school and tend to the school infirmary, but we have Dr. Segunya, Navmani, Aberna, Anne, Vel and me.

Also there's Poongadi and Sharmila. Most of the medical team doesn't have the best english, which always make communication on medical days entertaining. Poongadi is one of those people who doesn't know alot of english. She's only been working with Rising Star for a couple of months, and she hardly new any english when she first started. Despite the language barrier though, I've learned that Poongadi and I have very similar temperaments, and I love spending time with both of these ladies.
Her we have Nithiya, Navmani and Poongadi. Navmani is awesome. She's always pointing out things about India as we're driving around. She'll buy us little indian treats so we can try new food, and loves to joke with us even if she doesn't know the right english words for the joke. She dresses the wounds for the patients as well, so she's pretty hard core. I love spending time with this woman.
And here's Vel. He's one of the many drivers at Rising Star, but he usually is the Friday driver for the medical team. He's got a great smile, and he love chatting with all the volunteers. I feel like I've really gotten to know Vel, and he's a great guy with big dreams.

Dr. Segunya is a bit of a mystery. She's very reserved and doesn't talk much, but she seems to have a sense of humor under all her quite and solitude. She sees all the patients and determines the prescriptions they need.
Many of these pictures are from Mogul Vadi. This colony is very small, but it has some of the best patients. They are so kind and loving. They are always so excited to see us when we come, and they help us set up and clean up despite their physical disabilities.
Here's saroja. She always breaks into a grin when she sees us. She is very hard of hearing and she only has one eye that works. In addition, one of her legs has been amputated, but she still smiles and offers food to us whenever we come.

Here's another man from the colony. I haven't learned his name yet, but he's one of the regular, and he seems to have a really strong spirit.
Then there's Jairaj and his wife Jaimary (who doesn't have leprosy, yet chose to stay with her husband which is fairly uncommon). Jairaj is the funny man of the colony. He knows a bit of english and loves to crack jokes all the time. He always says "comedy" and points to himself. He also loves to dance and sing. Brings alot of excitement to our visits.

All the residents at Mogul Vadi are wonderful, and I always look forward to our visits to this colony.

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